Winning the game of business by breaking through your own barriers

Most walls business owners face are things that happen to them: unforeseen, challenging, sometimes tragic. This book will teach you how to break down, climb or build your walls into winning business strategies.

  • Learn to become stronger and grow, even when facing the toughest of business challenges.
  • Discover the practical strategies I’ve learned from coaching professional sports and from my many years of experience running successful businesses – so you can use them too.
  • Transform what would usually defeat you; into the positive turning point in your story.

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About the Author

Ash Taylor is a husband, father, friend, professional business coach and motivational speaker. After a successful career as an LTA tennis coach and owner of an award-winning business, he is now a celebrated business coach. Ash is also an avid golfer, lifelong QPR supporter and all-round sports fan. He now runs The Business Clubhouse, a place where business owners come to improve their game.

In Hitting the Wall, Ash shares his experiences. From unthinkable personal tragedy to self-destructive business catastrophe and through the other side. It is full of practical wall-beating ideas: but it is no more a silver bullet than it is an unreturnable ace. It is realistic, honest, challenging and 100% doable for anyone prepared to listen, learn and hit back (and hit back, and hit back, and hit back…)